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Nude pop band

Nude Pop

For all of you who were hoping "Nude Pop" would bring about something along the lines of the ever enticing albeit sordid pictures of the latest Miley Cyrus picture scandal, you're shit out of luck.  Instead, you can thank me for some of the best music to come out of Spokane since opera singer Patrice Munsel (I hope that plug makes me sound sophisticated and not like a douche). … [Read More...]

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Because the Internet

Childish Gambino revealed an interesting strategy when revealing his much anticipated sophomore album, he released two singles at a time, twice, before the album … [Read More...]

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tomahawk, chukka boots, clay bowls 017

Chukkas: the Shawn Marion of Your Shoe Game

You may not be aware of this, but the world post-World War II brought with it some pretty heavy developments. Once the specter of a dystopian global Nazi society had … [Read More...]

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A Letter of Apology

Dear Gents, It has been far too long since we've last been acquainted.  In our absence it has become abundantly clear that many of you out there are still in dire need of our help.  Fear not lads, for we are back and better than ever.  We here at DYG take … [Read More...]


Austin City Limits Review: Friday

Each October tens of thousands of festival goers pour into Austin, Texas to experience one of the oldest and most impressive music festivals in the world, Austin City Limits. ACL, as it's known, usually has something for everyone with its eclectic array of … [Read More...]


How to Date a 10

Gentlemen,  A week ago I was sitting in STK Steakhouse in West Hollywood, when a “10” walked into the restaurant and sat at the bar. She had a few friends around her, all of which were strikingly pretty, and for the next few hours they proceeded to turn heads, … [Read More...]


Jam Session: The Grand Theft Auto 5 Soundtrack

The evil geniuses over at Rockstar Games are notorious for making the biggest, baddest video games, whether we're talking about their Grand Theft Auto series or their one-off projects like L.A. Noire. Like them or not, and there are plenty of moral crusaders … [Read More...]