Chukkas: the Shawn Marion of Your Shoe Game

You may not be aware of this, but the world post-World War II brought with it some pretty heavy developments. Once the specter of a dystopian global Nazi society had been defeated, things were naturally going to be a little different than before. A new world order, a sophisticated military-industrial complex, and a new less homicidal Germany all resulted from The War to End All Wars. All these things put together, however, pale in comparison to the most significant of WWII’s contributions to modern society, the legendary Chukka.

While it’s technically an ankle cut boot the Chukka can resemble a high top shoe. They were originally worn in Africa by soldiers who found that their military issued boots weren’t cutting it, so they adopted the desert boot, a form of Chukka. They found the desert boots comfort and grip to be second to none. Those desert boot wearing soldiers eventually went on to drive the Nazis out of North Africa, and they looked damn good doing it.

Now you too can wear one of the most versatile shoes every made, because Chukkas are back. You can find them nearly anywhere these days, from Aldo to Vans to Nordstroms. You can pair desert boots with any type of pant, though they work best with jeans in my experience. tomahawk, chukka boots, clay bowls 017


Musk Up!

Musk Up

The Art of Men’s Fragrance

Evening Gents,

We all know that scent is the strongest sense tied to memory, and that smell is the most sensitive of all the human senses. But did you know that your sense of smell is linked to emotional recollection (including pleasure & good memories), and that unfortunately for us women have a much stronger sense of smell than men? So ask yourself:

1.      Am I leaving this lady with a long-lasting pleasant memory that sparks good emotions and a cute smile when I walk up, or a reoccurring nasal nightmare that makes her associate me with trashcans?

More importantly;

2.     Am I making the absolute most of this valuable connection into the mind that controls those beautiful curves?

Well if you haven’t received a compliment on your man scent from the fairer sex in the past few weeks, most likely there is room for improvement.

Volume & Location

As The Gentlemen have already explained, one important rule to remember in men’s fragrance is not to marinate in your cologne. Everyone knows that guy that drenches himself in a good half bottle of “A&F-Fierce” before going out, and you better believe he is remembered (not fondly) by anyone who comes anywhere near him. So what is the appropriate amount of man scent? Depending on the strength of the cologne; generally apply 1-2 light sprays from an arm’s length away (not to concentrate in one spot).

There are a couple of different points on the body to choose from when wearing cologne. Generally the junction between the chest and neck is best area (good blood circulation and consistent body temperature). You can also apply it to your wrists, abdomen, or even behind your ears.


 Timing Is Everything

Maybe you heard that Matthew McConaughey doesn’t shower often or wear antiperspirant, and maybe you are thinking of following in his dirty footsteps. Well you are not Matthew McConaughey. It should go without saying, but just to be safe: A GENTLEMAN SHOWERS EVERYDAY. And after a nice hot shower, when your pores are open, is the best time to apply your cologne. It will last longer and mingle with your own natural scents to create something original and unique.

While on the subject of bodily scents, your sweat contains toxins and traces of your diet/habits. Smoking cigs, crushing beers, & eating unhealthy foods can affect the way you smell naturally, and consequently change the way your cologne smells. Just something to keep in mind in the drive-thru.

So check out some of the great summer colognes The Gentlemen have recommended, and remember to change your scent with the seasons. Always keep in mind that the way you smell can be a handy tool in creating a positive memory that yields future dividends, or a quick way to scare off anyone you were hoping to keep around.


D.Y. Gennings

The Saddle Shoe

Gents, I present to you the saddle shoe. A current staple of the fashion forward wardrobe, the saddle shoe takes confidence to pull off. They are designed not to blend seamlessly with an outfit but to stand out, to be a statement of their own. Saddle shoes are a casual shoe, a low cut oxford that we do not recommend mixing in to your formal wear unless you have an unusually impressive pair. They do serve to spruce up any casual outfit, dressing up almost anything and endowing their wearer with a certain measure of flair.

The saddle shoe works with complimentary colors: lightsaddleAnd with a single color:band-of-outsiders-5-hole-saddle-shoes-selectism-0


The Wingtip Shoe

mctavish-WING-TIP-SHOESProperly referred to as brogues, the wingtip shoe brings a little classic English haberdashery to your style. Paired with the right pair of pants, a nice pair of wingtips can really make the difference for a gentleman’s look. They help bring an air of sophistication, effectively separating you from the less remarkable gentleman around you. We here at the Dapper Young Gentleman highly recommend you gents add a pair of wingtips to your shoe game, and if you need a place to start we’ve got you.

If money isn’t an issue you can find an incredible pair of To Boot New York Windsor Brogues at Nordstrom here:

If you’re a gent with a budget you can find quality wingtips at Aldo for more affordable prices here:

The next time you walk in to work or the bar or whatever it is you’re doing, do so in style. Do so in a pair of wingtips.

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5 Summer Colognes Every Young Gentleman Needs

Summer is a wonderful time for men everywhere for several reasons: the outdoors are far more inviting, the women look great in their sundresses, and we as men now have an excuse to drink seemingly everyday (as if we needed one). But summertime isn’t all pounding brews and wake boarding, believe it or not there are negatives as well. One of those negatives is that whatever cologne your wearing is activated by heat, meaning that a cologne that was perfect during the winter is now totally overpowering, instead of attracting the opposite sex all your accomplishing now is making them lightheaded. The answer? A lighter cologne designed for summer, one that may have seemed too weak during the winter but now feels just right, and here at the Dapper Young Gentleman we have five for you to consider.










1. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue $70

The Gentleman happens to personally own two of these fragrances, and this is one of them. Light Blue is light and citrusy, it’s different and absolutely perfect for summer wear. You also get a lot more bang for your buck here, the average cologne you’ll buy at this price will contain about 3.4 oz. of the smell good, where Light Blue is hitting you with with 4.2 oz. This cologne is flexible, you could use it during the day, at the office, on a date, or out at night. Light Blue pops up on almost any list of summer colognes, this one is simultaneously a classic and an essential.














2. Frapin 1270 $155

This one is for the more dedicated or affluent gents among us. 1270 is for a night out, it’s an impress the ladies kind of cologne. It contains hints of honey, orange, and cocoa all mixed together, and while it’s the strongest scent we would recommend for a summer cologne I can personally assure that this stuff smells great.









3. Bvlgari Man $70

This is the other cologne The Gentleman is proud to say he owns, and it has the prototypical level of lightness you need in a summer fragrance. With Bvlgari Man you get a woody summer scent that smells like a modern take on the colognes your dad used to wear. This is a classy fragrance, wear it at the office or at night.












4. Acqua di Parma Eau de Colonia $150

This one comes highly rated from of The Gentleman’s most trusted cologne experts, and while it’s another expensive cologne, this one smells great and has a rich history of being used by gentlemen all the way back to WWI. It smells a mixture of lavender and citrus and can be used at nearly any type of occasion.












5. Polo Sport $60

This one quite a few of you young gents out there should be familiar with, it’s a classic. It smells very fresh and clean as Polo colognes tend to do. This one is affordable, and with it’s light yet long lasting nature, is another essential for any man.