Brew Review- Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA


Howdy gents we’ve got a real popular brew for ya tonight in Dogfish Head’s most popular product, the 60 Minute IPA. This beer is called 60 Minute IPA because the brewmasters over at Dogfish Head add 60 additions of hops over a 60 minute period, this lends itself to a hoppier beer without the normally associated bitterness. We at Dapper Young Gentleman greatly enjoyed this beer, it was quite citrusy without being overpoweringly so, and was just generally an extremely smooth, very drinkable, beer. We’re giving this a 9/10, this is a phenomenal brew that we highly recommend.

Brew Review: Fireman’s #4


A local Austin favorite, Fireman’s #4 is a great light-flavored summertime beer. Think of Fireman’s #4 as a welcome respite from the trendier, heavier craft brews that are all the rage these days. It’s not very hoppy at all, instead starting with strong fruity undertones and developing into a more classic wheat taste. Due in large part to it’s light nature and sweet taste it is very palatable and easy to drink. The brewers over at Real Ale were clearly trying to create a simple, enjoyable blonde ale, and they nailed it. Next time your headed to the lake, beach, or pool you might want to take a few Fireman’s out there with you, you won’t regret it.

Loose Cannon- 1206 Single Shot


Gentlemen, meet the best $5 dollar cigar this here gent has ever had, the Loose Cannon 1206 Single Shot. The first thing you’ll notice about this particular stogey is it’s box-press shape, but that won’t be what you remember it for. This bad boy has phenomenal taste, it’s smooth with a wide range of flavors stretching from coffee beginnings to a spicier tobacco finish. This is one of the rare cigars that will prove palatable both for the neophyte cigar enthusiast and the old salty veteran. One of the main reasons why is the price, this particular stick tastes and feels like a much more expensive cigar, it’s an absolute value buy at five bucks. We here at The Dapper Young Gentleman strongly encourage you to add a few Loose Cannon’s to your cigar collection the next time your struck with a craving for something new.

Cigar Review- Bloodline


In The Gentleman’s travels of sunny southwest he was lucky enough to stumble across Cigars Olde Towne Havana in Orange, California. Here there was an extremely informed older gent who recommended a new brand of cigar, Bloodline. The reason he lent his seasoned stamp of approval to this particular stogie was due in large part to a process called “crushing”, where small amounts of tobacco extract are used to drip onto and further flavor cigars. The Gentleman was impressed by the product of this unusual process, the flavor difference was noticeable in the Habano and Connecticut wraps, one was smooth and creamy and the other had a strong tobacco flavor and both were strong without being overpowering. The Bloodline cigar is something that any young cigar aficionado should try at least once.

Brew Review- Black Dog Ale

Backyard Brew

Backyard Brew

Alright gents this post kicks off our twice a week Brew Review Section (Sunday and Thursday) where we at the Dapper Young Gentleman will be lending you our better than expert opinions on all things beer related. You’ll notice that we review everything from tiny craft brews to the major domestics. We do this in order to give you, the reader, a better sense of the relative quality of each beer we review, a baseline if you will.

Today we review Black Dog Ale, a West Coast craft brew that is available (though hard to find) throughout the country. I’m enjoying mine on Balboa Island in sunny California, and this english style amber ale is only adding to the relaxed atmosphere. It has a very sweet taste with notes of brown sugar and a distinct hoppy kick in the middle. It’s not in any facet an excellent brew, but it’s better than average. If 50 is average (we’re not going with 50 as fail here, think of 50 as a C) I’d give Black Dog Ale a 67. It’s good, not great.

The Mini-Keg Beertender

Das Beertender


This. You don’t know it yet but you need one. Here at the Dapper Young Gentleman we will be starting a series, reviewing not only the Mini-keg dispensers (there are several to choose from), but also the beers that are available in 5L kegs. Getting these kegs isn’t easy, but never fear young breau, we’ve got you covered. Check back for more updates.

Why Every Cigar Loving Gentleman Needs a Humidor

Fact: There are few things classier or more impressive than a good collection of premium cigars. In order to keep this collection fresh any budding cigar aficionado will require a humidor as cigars tend to go bad very quickly. Humidors, like cigars, are surprisingly affordable and you can find quite a few for less than $50 on Amazon. A well taken care of cigar collection can add a level of sophistication to any young gentleman’s repertoire, there’s a reason there doesn’t seem to be a single Most Interesting Man In the World Dos Equis commercial without one.