How to Date a 10


A week ago I was sitting in STK Steakhouse in West Hollywood, when a “10” walked into the restaurant and sat at the bar. She had a few friends around her, all of which were strikingly pretty, and for the next few hours they proceeded to turn heads, drink for free, and fight off man after man. One of the guys at our table who had been caught in their tractor beam for the past few minutes finally broke his rape-stare and sputtered,

“I could NEVER, get a girl like that.”

At the time, I absolutely agreed with him. Then I started thinking more about it; why couldn’t this guy ever get a 10? What is the necessary criterion to date a 10?

Well where to begin…


DISCLAIMER: If you think my below advice is too critical or too demanding, please refer to the title of this article. This is not advice on how to get an average girl, although these recommendations would apply there too, this is advice on how to be considered datable by a 10 (out of 10).  While you may think some of this is unfeasible, rest assure some guy somewhere is doing these things and will be dating your perfect woman.

While some women, 10’s included, may not care what you look like they are the exception not the rule. In general, if a girl looks like she takes pride in the way she looks then she is probably looking for a guy who equally cares about his physical appearance. You don’t have to be a fitness model, but this is a lot easier if she is initially attracted to you.

  • Get A Gym Membership – I’m not talking about the dusty Bowflex or a Total Gym hidden in some guest room of your house. Be honest, the only workout you got from those was putting them together. You need to pay to go to this place, and go there to work.
  • Work Out for One Hour 3 to 4 Times A Week – There are literally millions of workout tips and tricks online; so look a few up. The harder you make your workout the quicker and more drastic the result. In the end, it doesn’t really matter what you pick to do just be doing something for 1 full hour (sitting on the padded seat of a machine doesn’t count).
  • Get a Haircut Every 2 to 3 Weeks – And you should style your hair, or at least try to arrange it in some fashion, every single day before leaving the house. Men fear change in this area, but if you have had the same haircut for years and get very few compliments if any on it, then change it up. Go to a nice place and trust their judgment.
  • Shave Every Week – Most likely you’ll need to shave multiple times a week. A little growth when uniform and kept is acceptable, but you should manage your facial hair like your fantasy football team. Make changes before the weekend.
  • Destroy Any Visible Nose-Hair & Eliminate The Unibrow
  • Smell Good & Wear Deodorant Daily – Try your best to never be sweating or smelling anything but good around women.
  • Clean Teeth – Brushed, flossed, whitened, and if anyone ever offers a piece of gum immediately accept.
  • Buy 5 Complete Outfits, Head to Toe – Each outfit should be at least $100. Your pants may be interchangeable but each date/time you see her you should be wearing a different top that is appropriate for the situation. No Affliction or Ed Hardy ever for any reason Jersey Shore.

For more advice on personal style, or anything you just read about, scroll up close your eyes and click. That’s what we are here for. The Gentlemen would be honored to be the Sherpa in your quest to find your inner man, and net yourself a keeper. So have a look around and borrow from some of the knowledge The Gents have to offer.


This area is important, but not the most important. There are some financial basics you need to have covered to date a 10, but you shouldn’t have to be a millionaire to get your dream girl (if you do, then she probably isn’t worth it).

  • Unless Your Dad is Mark Cuban, You Need a Job – “What is it you do?” She asks. “Nothing.” You respond. Door slams shut. If you are not studying for a degree or playing a professional sport of some kind, then you need to have a job. 10’s want an interesting man that has a career; it gives you depth. Be passionate about something, anything. Pursue some goal and have a meaningful purpose for your days. Be a secure option for her and your future together.
  • Do Not Live in Your Parents Home, Get the Hell Out of There – No, no, no, no.
  • Clean Inviting Place to Sleep – This may sound basic to you, but everyone’s definition of clean is different, as evident by my college roommates. If she is visiting your place, have a friend come over before and check out your digs. Vacuum, organize, and clean all surfaces. Save up a few bucks, visit Target or World Market and get some decorations so she doesn’t think your Ted Bundy. Buy a bottle of wine while you’re at it.
  •  Drink or Dinner 4 Times – You should have enough money saved up that when you go on a date with her you’re not worried about whether she is getting a $10 martini or a $3 draft beer. Four authentic dates are enough to show her what you’re really about, and for those four dates you should focus solely on her and not the price of her Thai salad.
  • You Need a Car or Means of Transportation – Unless you live in city with a fantastic public transportation system you need to have some safe, reliable, non-embarrassing transportation to pick her up in. If you currently own a P.O.S., borrow a friend’s car at first or find some other creative way to pick her up.



When it comes to women there is no doubt a man’s personality is the most important quality. 10’s are no different, but they don’t want an average predictable Joe. If you feel like this is you, that’s ok. We are made the way we are, but nothing is stopping you from letting a few of the more attractive traits of your personality shine through. It is easier than we make it. Look at 90% of the male romantic interests in chick flicks. There is a cookie-cutter staple persona underlying every single one of these beloved characters: aggressive, self-sacrificing, and passionate. Maybe you are not Ryan Gosling, but here are a few other things a 10 is looking for in your personality:

  • Listen More, Talk Less – I’m not saying to go Helen Keller when she asks you something about yourself, but rather to try to focus the dialogue around her. This is actually a selfless act that conversationally raises her to a level of high importance. The more you can know about her the better. Pay attention to what she says and explore more about each subject. Find out what makes her feel appreciated, what she does and doesn’t care about. Avoid politics and religion at first; if you looking for a subject has plenty of popular subjects every day. If she is a 10 she will help you out and the conversation will be free flowing.
  • You Don’t Have To Be a Good Dancer – You just have to be willing to try.
  • Don’t Be Overly Sarcastic – A good sense of humor is high on almost every girls list, but don’t be too clever because too many jokes covers up who you really are.
  • Have Unique Taste & Be Willing to Try New Things – If she asks you where you guys are headed for dinner don’t even think about saying Applebee’s, Chilies or Red Lobster. Take her somewhere special and unique. If she likes something you don’t eat, be willing to try it.
  • Don’t Cuss Unless Appropriate – If it completes a fantastic punch line or joke; go for it, other wise 86 those four letter words.
  • Smile, Laugh, & be Confident – Your lucky to be on a date with her, try to enjoy it. Women are attracted to confidence so take a deep breath, risk it, and introduce yourself to her.



In other words, to date a 10 take a deep breath, risk it, and introduce yourself to her.


“Hi, my name is..”

D.Y. Gennings

P.S. Some sample outfits that will help inspire you to make a good first impression.

photo (5)

photo (3)

photo (2)

photo (1)



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