Matt Damon Really, Really Cares About Water

The vast majority of celebrities give money to charity, some celebrities even have side projects or foundations that involve putting a lot of their time and effort toward a cause they feel is important, but only a handful of celebrities attack a cause with the tenacity and vision that actor Matt Damon has brought in his fight to bring water to everyone on Earth. When Matt and Gary White co-founded in 2009, they did so with the incredibly ambitious goal of solving arguably the biggest issue that faces humanity today, nearly 1 billion people do not have access to clean water. Now it’s imperative to note that his organization is not just about giving water to people who are thirsty, it’s also about sanitation. A fact that keeps getting repeated both on and on any of their related videos is that the majority of illness is caused by fecal matter. You read that right, more than 50% of all sickness is caused by inadequate sanitation. Matt Damon discusses several aspects of this massive issue in this interview:

We at the Dapper Young Gentleman have applauded the way Damon has leveraged his celebrity into helping create a consciousness about the importance of getting water to the people who need it. Some of you may remember this hilarious cameo on Entourage in which he parodied the in your face, shaming style of charity marketing that he has gone out of his way to avoid (watch all the way to the end, trust me):


An Ode to Friendship

It’s rare that a commercial can completely shake the foundation of how you view friendships.  Somehow, Guinness managed to do just with their highly publicized advertisement featuring friendship at its finest. With the tagline, “The choices we make, reveal the true nature of our character,” the commercial shows what appears to be a normal game of wheelchair basketball that ends with the realization that only one of the participants is indeed a wheelchair user.  This heartwarming gesture is precisely what we here at DYG are trying to emphasize upon ourselves and our followers.  Sometimes a small sense of altruism can go a long way.



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Why Should You Care About Human Trafficking?


The true measure of a gentleman isn’t the brand name on the suit he’s wearing, or the number of years the scotch he’s drinking has been aged. The true measure of a gentleman can be found in how he comports himself within his community, whether we define that community as just his neighborhood or the entire world. A gentleman wise beyond his years knows that a temporary, fleeting reputation can be built with a nice car, while a lasting one can be built with one’s actions. The bottom line is even if you set aside all the other great reasons for doing good, such as a sense of charity, compassion, or moral conscience, it is in one’s social best interest to be perceived as a man who values other people, especially those worse off than oneself.

Here at DYG we will be putting the occasional spotlight on charities or movements that we find particularly worthy of recognition, while hopefully spreading awareness about not only the organization itself but the causes it chooses to support. We begin with the organization Not For Sale and the subject of human trafficking. Contrary to popular belief human trafficking is very much a problem in the U.S, and I find that embarrassing. While this sentiment may not be particularly politically correct, I hold my home country to a higher standard. I was brought up to believe that I lived in the greatest country on Earth, an example for the rest of the world to see. So the notion that young boys and girls are being sold as sex slaves right under our noses to me is unacceptable, and the feeling is only made worse when compounded with our overpowering ignorance of the entire issue.

This is where Not For Sale comes in. They’re an organization that has set out with the ambitious goal of ending human trafficking, not just here but around the world. I’ll let them introduce themselves here. Their website is here and you can like them on Facebook here.

George H.W. Bush Is All Class

Former Pres. Bush

No matter what you may think about his politics it is undeniable that “the first Bush” has always been the consummate gentleman, and here we find him once again leading by example. A member of Bush’s security detail has a two and a half year old son who has recently been diagnosed with Leukemia, and consequently has had his head shaved. Bush and his detail responded with a show of solidarity, they all had their heads shaved to match. Now I know this is a relatively common thing, but almost everything has more meaning when a former President of the United States does it. Keep up the good work, Mr. President, the Dapper Young Gentleman salutes you.

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