Grouplove – Ways to Go

spreading rumours

Having been a fan since they first dropped the song “Colours”, Grouplove’s new album Spreading Rumours has been much anticipated.  Finally the day has come for their sophomore release and needless to say, the Aristocrat is very pleased.  The album features simple yet catchy lyrics over a mix of rock, pop, and electronic music samples.  All in all, though it might not live up to its predecessor, Spreading Rumours is a definite gem.  Here is the first single from the album, “Ways to Go.”

Beer Beer Goggles

Alas Gents, I have found a video that encapsulates everything we are trying to accomplish here at Dapper Young Gentleman.  The fine folks at College Humor have perfectly described the essence of beer choices.  This is the reason we are here, to “try and set you up with something better.”  Now it’s up to you to go out and attain that something better.

Chance The Rapper

We have a double feature for you Gents today.  Chance The Rapper is an up and comer out of Chicago that has really been turning heads with his old school flows.  We are showing two songs of his new mixtape “Acid Rap” which can be downloaded for free off his site  Pay close attention to the second track, it features someone who might sound familiar.  Beware of some choice language.


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Dry Martini

bond-martini_headerEvery Gent dreams of being James Bond.  Reaching his level of manliness might be unattainable, but at least we can mimic some of his drinking habits.  For this reason, this weeks Masculine Mix belongs to the legendary Martini.


Dry Martini

  • 2 oz Dry Gin
  • 1 oz Vermouth
  • 2 dashes Orange Bitters


Mix ingredients into container with ice.  Either shake or stir according to your preference.  Shaken will leave the drink with an opaque color due to air bubbles while stirred will keep the cocktail clear.  Pour ingredients into martini glass while filtering ice.  Enjoy!


Rather than using Orange Bitters, a common mixture of choice is olive juice.


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An Ode to Friendship

It’s rare that a commercial can completely shake the foundation of how you view friendships.  Somehow, Guinness managed to do just with their highly publicized advertisement featuring friendship at its finest. With the tagline, “The choices we make, reveal the true nature of our character,” the commercial shows what appears to be a normal game of wheelchair basketball that ends with the realization that only one of the participants is indeed a wheelchair user.  This heartwarming gesture is precisely what we here at DYG are trying to emphasize upon ourselves and our followers.  Sometimes a small sense of altruism can go a long way.



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Musk Up!

Musk Up

The Art of Men’s Fragrance

Evening Gents,

We all know that scent is the strongest sense tied to memory, and that smell is the most sensitive of all the human senses. But did you know that your sense of smell is linked to emotional recollection (including pleasure & good memories), and that unfortunately for us women have a much stronger sense of smell than men? So ask yourself:

1.      Am I leaving this lady with a long-lasting pleasant memory that sparks good emotions and a cute smile when I walk up, or a reoccurring nasal nightmare that makes her associate me with trashcans?

More importantly;

2.     Am I making the absolute most of this valuable connection into the mind that controls those beautiful curves?

Well if you haven’t received a compliment on your man scent from the fairer sex in the past few weeks, most likely there is room for improvement.

Volume & Location

As The Gentlemen have already explained, one important rule to remember in men’s fragrance is not to marinate in your cologne. Everyone knows that guy that drenches himself in a good half bottle of “A&F-Fierce” before going out, and you better believe he is remembered (not fondly) by anyone who comes anywhere near him. So what is the appropriate amount of man scent? Depending on the strength of the cologne; generally apply 1-2 light sprays from an arm’s length away (not to concentrate in one spot).

There are a couple of different points on the body to choose from when wearing cologne. Generally the junction between the chest and neck is best area (good blood circulation and consistent body temperature). You can also apply it to your wrists, abdomen, or even behind your ears.


 Timing Is Everything

Maybe you heard that Matthew McConaughey doesn’t shower often or wear antiperspirant, and maybe you are thinking of following in his dirty footsteps. Well you are not Matthew McConaughey. It should go without saying, but just to be safe: A GENTLEMAN SHOWERS EVERYDAY. And after a nice hot shower, when your pores are open, is the best time to apply your cologne. It will last longer and mingle with your own natural scents to create something original and unique.

While on the subject of bodily scents, your sweat contains toxins and traces of your diet/habits. Smoking cigs, crushing beers, & eating unhealthy foods can affect the way you smell naturally, and consequently change the way your cologne smells. Just something to keep in mind in the drive-thru.

So check out some of the great summer colognes The Gentlemen have recommended, and remember to change your scent with the seasons. Always keep in mind that the way you smell can be a handy tool in creating a positive memory that yields future dividends, or a quick way to scare off anyone you were hoping to keep around.


D.Y. Gennings

Volcano Choir- Bygone

Volcano Choir is led by front man Justin Vernon, if that name sounds familiar that might be because he’s the genius behind the critically acclaimed Bon Iver. Justin has taken a break from churning out classics with Bon Iver to partner with Collections of Colonies of Bees to drop this gem upon you. Bygone is a slow building indie tune that inspires the listener to turn introspective. Justin lends his patented haunting vocals to a track that is powerful in its simplicity.

Update: U.S. Open Tennis


Lady’s and Gentleman, the festivities have come to a close and the winners have been crowned.  Rafael Nadal took away the title from Novak Djokavic in 4 sets to accompany Serena Williams as the Singles champions.  I know what you are probably thinking, “Those names sound vaguely familiar.  Who could have ever predicted the winners? It was probably that badass from the DYG website.”  Thats right everyone, The Aristocrat comes through once again in the clutch to take one home for the Dapper Young Gentleman team.  After such a strong showing, Vegas has been constantly calling for me to set odds for future matches.  Luckily for you, I am committed to only offering my services to the readers of this site.  You’re welcome Gentleman of America!


For proof of predictions check out the initial article here.

Brew Review- Heineken Mini-Keg

Howdy folks it’s The Gentleman here with the second installment in our mini-keg series, this time sampling what the Heineken mini-keg has to offer. Heineken has clearly gone all in when it comes to the mini-keg market, as they are by far the most common brand we found when trying to locate different kinds. We found their product on shelves nearly everywhere, from liquor stores to grocery stores, even finding a few at gas stations. The availability was impressive, but what about the taste? The first thing we noticed when we reviewed the Newcastle mini-keg last post was the difference in taste and experience between the bottled and draft versions of Newcastle, with the draft version being superior in nearly every way. While that effect is certainly present in our Heineken samples we found the difference to be much less pronounced. Unfortunately for Heineken this wasn’t merely due to the bottled version just being that good, the Heineken mini-keg taste and experience is just decidedly less enjoyable. Where Newcaste is a full-flavored (and full calorie) drinkers beer, Heineken seem stuck in between identities. There simply isn’t anything extraordinary about Heineken’s taste. This doesn’t mean we’re giving Heineken a bad rating or a negative review, here at Dapper Young Gentleman we like to use a relative scale. That relative scale unfortunately, currently has Heineken second on a list of two beers that come in mini-kegs. Though on the bright side for the brewers from Holland, there are many more reviews to come.

Arcade Fire – Reflektor

Arcade Fire returns to the scene from a slight recording hiatus to bring forth a track with a much different vibe than we are accustomed to seeing from the customarily rock oriented band.  ”Reflektor” features a dark, discoesque feel that immediately caused this listener to want to dance about the room.  There are a few different listening experiences provided with this song.  Initially released as an interactive video, by going to you can singularly control different aspects of the video.  If you prefer the simpler forms of media, feel free to enjoy the video below.


P.S. Did I mention that David Bowie is featured in the song?!


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