Jam Session: The Grand Theft Auto 5 Soundtrack

The evil geniuses over at Rockstar Games are notorious for making the biggest, baddest video games, whether we’re talking about their Grand Theft Auto series or their one-off projects like L.A. Noire. Like them or not, and there are plenty of moral crusaders who HATE Rockstar, they’re at the top of their industry right now. GTA V is setting sales records and raising the bar for video game developers everywhere, and part of what makes it such a great game is it’s soundtrack. ┬áThe Grand Theft Auto series is well known for putting out phenomenal soundtracks but Rockstar really outdid themselves this time, the game is chock full of absolute jams from nearly every genre.

Looking for one of those indie-electronic-pop songs that are all the rage these days? Look no further than Sleepwalking from The Chain Gang of 1974.

How about the gangster rap one most closely associates with GTA? They’ve got that in spades.

Alternative Rock? Yup. (For whatever reason this video is quieter)

These three are just a sample of the dozens of great songs from the newly released GTA 5. Check out the soundtrack on iTunes or play the game for yourself to find the rest.