A Letter of Apology

Dear Gents,

It has been far too long since we’ve last been acquainted.  In our absence it has become abundantly clear that many of you out there are still in dire need of our help.  Fear not lads, for we are back and better than ever.  We here at DYG take full responsibility for your current insufficiencies and are committed to take you from Pauper to  Prince.

In case you’ve forgotten this websites purpose, allow me to remind you.  From Cigars to Scotch, Bourbon to Brew, Music to Mustaches, and from Fashion to the Fairer sex, we are hear to teach you how to live a lifestyle envious of even the most refined men.  In short, we are your guide to the finer things in life.  For these reasons, I implore you to visit DYG as often as possible.

Until later, may both your scotch and your mustache forever remain neat.



The Aristocrat