Chukkas: the Shawn Marion of Your Shoe Game

You may not be aware of this, but the world post-World War II brought with it some pretty heavy developments. Once the specter of a dystopian global Nazi society had been defeated, things were naturally going to be a little different than before. A new world order, a sophisticated military-industrial complex, and a new less homicidal Germany all resulted from The War to End All Wars. All these things put together, however, pale in comparison to the most significant of WWII’s contributions to modern society, the legendary Chukka.

While it’s technically an ankle cut boot the Chukka can resemble a high top shoe. They were originally worn in Africa by soldiers who found that their military issued boots weren’t cutting it, so they adopted the desert boot, a form of Chukka. They found the desert boots comfort and grip to be second to none. Those desert boot wearing soldiers eventually went on to drive the Nazis out of North Africa, and they looked damn good doing it.

Now you too can wear one of the most versatile shoes every made, because Chukkas are back. You can find them nearly anywhere these days, from Aldo to Vans to Nordstroms. You can pair desert boots with any type of pant, though they work best with jeans in my experience. tomahawk, chukka boots, clay bowls 017