The Mini-Keg Beertender

Das Beertender


This. You don’t know it yet but you need one. Here at the Dapper Young Gentleman we will be starting a series, reviewing not only the Mini-keg dispensers (there are several to choose from), but also the beers that are available in 5L kegs. Getting these kegs isn’t easy, but never fear young breau, we’ve got you covered. Check back for more updates.

Why Every Cigar Loving Gentleman Needs a Humidor

Fact: There are few things classier or more impressive than a good collection of premium cigars. In order to keep this collection fresh any budding cigar aficionado will require a humidor as cigars tend to go bad very quickly. Humidors, like cigars, are surprisingly affordable and you can find quite a few for less than $50 on Amazon. A well taken care of cigar collection can add a level of sophistication to any young gentleman’s repertoire, there’s a reason there doesn’t seem to be a single Most Interesting Man In the World Dos Equis commercial without one.