Volcano Choir- Bygone

Volcano Choir is led by front man Justin Vernon, if that name sounds familiar that might be because he’s the genius behind the critically acclaimed Bon Iver. Justin has taken a break from churning out classics with Bon Iver to partner with Collections of Colonies of Bees to drop this gem upon you. Bygone is a slow building indie tune that inspires the listener to turn introspective. Justin lends his patented haunting vocals to a track that is powerful in its simplicity.

The Dodos- Confidence

We’re back with the indie sound gents! This track comes from the Dodos, a group out of of San Francisco that has been on our collective radar here at DYG for a while, notably from their 2009 hit “Fables”. They’ve undergone a recent change in their sound, and no where is that made more clear than in their new single “Confidence”. “Confidence” is a song that increases in intensity, it builds slowly, climbing towards a fantastic and frenzied climax. If you like the single, check out the rest of their album “Carrier” on iTunes.


The Neighbourhood

the-neighbourhood- 2Here is a double feature for all you alternative rock fans out there.  California based band The Neighbourhood has steadily been on the rise in the past year with their hit Sweater Weather.  Catchy lyrics and almost ominous guitar riffs highlight this bands distinctive sound.  One thing is for certain, The Neighbourhood will be a band to watch out for in the coming years.

Sweater Weather