Loose Cannon- 1206 Single Shot


Gentlemen, meet the best $5 dollar cigar this here gent has ever had, the Loose Cannon 1206 Single Shot. The first thing you’ll notice about this particular stogey is it’s box-press shape, but that won’t be what you remember it for. This bad boy has phenomenal taste, it’s smooth with a wide range of flavors stretching from coffee beginnings to a spicier tobacco finish. This is one of the rare cigars that will prove palatable both for the neophyte cigar enthusiast and the old salty veteran. One of the main reasons why is the price, this particular stick tastes and feels like a much more expensive cigar, it’s an absolute value buy at five bucks. We here at The Dapper Young Gentleman strongly encourage you to add a few Loose Cannon’s to your cigar collection the next time your struck with a craving for something new.