Horse Racing: Del Mar

Today The Gentleman’s ever expanding search for self cultivation led him down to San Diego and the track in Del Mar to try his hand at horse racing. Sure he lost sixty sheckles but that’s beside the point, a lot was learned about what horses to bet on, why, and how much. The track was pretty and the girls were prettier, the Del Mar track comes highly reccomended. If you haven’t already you need to check out horse racing. Here at the Dapper Young Gentleman we will be covering this and more gentlemanly sporting pursuits for your reading pleasure.


Get Outside and Paddle Board!


This, fine gents, is for several reasons the perfect activity. Reason number one has to do with the versatility, you can SUP (stand up paddle) anywhere there’s water deeper than two feet, on lakes, rivers, and the ocean. Reason number two is financial, while a board may cost you between four hundred and one thousand dollars it’s a one time thing, paddle boards are durable and cost nothing to use. Reason number three is the workout, paddling exercises your core, your triceps, and your back. You’ll be sore the next day if you do it right. The fourth and final reason is the cool factor, these things just give anyone who’s using them a laid back vibe. If you live near any body of water and have a few extra dollars, you need to invest in one of these.