Joey Bada$$- Waves

Another old-school jam for you fellas today.  Joey Bada$$ goes hard on this track with a laid back flow over a smooth jazz bass line.  Though he might not be well known right now, his recent collaborations with artists such as Mac Miller, Kendrick Lamar, and ASAP Rocky are sure to put him in the limelight very soon.

The Neighbourhood

the-neighbourhood- 2Here is a double feature for all you alternative rock fans out there.  California based band The Neighbourhood has steadily been on the rise in the past year with their hit Sweater Weather.  Catchy lyrics and almost ominous guitar riffs highlight this bands distinctive sound.  One thing is for certain, The Neighbourhood will be a band to watch out for in the coming years.

Sweater Weather


Mutemath- In No Time(Pierce Fulton Remix)

© Meredith Truax

For even the most well put together gentleman the world can be a hectic place, Mutemath and Pierce Fulton help you find your inner happy place with “In No Time”. So if your in need of a quick little me-time sesh, let this song be your respite. Your welcome.


California Wives- Blood Red Youth


A little indie action for the more brooding gents among us! Today we’re listening to the California Wives, an up and coming indie group out of Chicago who show a lot of promise. “Blood Red Youth” tackles a serious subject, but with the California Wives trademark laid back style, and it’s this dichotomy between the intense lyrics and the relaxed way those same lyrics are sung that really help make this a phenomonal indie track. If you like them you can download them off iTunes or just check them out on Soundcloud or Facebook.

Lil’ Flip- Sunshine

We missed Throwback Thursday! We haven’t forgotten about you gents though. Here’s old school Texas MC Lil’ Flip reminding you that it’s still summertime outside! Get out and enjoy it.


Mikky Ekko- Kids

We’re back with the tunes! Here is an upbeat product of the rising star Mikky Ekko, you may recognize the name from Rihanna’s hit Stay. Ever since we heard his older song “Pull Me Down” we knew this guy was going to be a star, and here he is proving us right with “Kids”. Do yourselves a favor and check this one out, and keep an eye on Mikky Ekko as well.


The Drums- Days

Double Post! It’s your ears lucky day gentleman because we’re giving you a double dose of Brooklyn based band The Drums. They have a throwback surfer vibe and have become exceedingly popular in the young outdoorsy type demographic, think a more upbeat sounding Local Natives. They’re definitely alternative-indie so they represent an acquired taste but we trust you’ll be jamming these in no time.


Kid Cudi ft. King Chip and A$AP Rocky- Brothers

Kid Cudi teams up with King Chip and A$AP Rocky to deliver a well crafted ode to brotherhood and friendship. This ones a jam.

Avicii- Wake Me Up

Now in fairness you should have already heard this, but for those poor saps out there who haven’t this is hands down one of the summer’s best songs. Avicii can be heard here venturing outside of his perceived comfort zone and delivering a real heater, do yourself a favor and check it out.


Supersoaker by Kings of Leon


Boom. New Kings of Leon. Great way to start this page.