Why Should You Care About Human Trafficking?


The true measure of a gentleman isn’t the brand name on the suit he’s wearing, or the number of years the scotch he’s drinking has been aged. The true measure of a gentleman can be found in how he comports himself within his community, whether we define that community as just his neighborhood or the entire world. A gentleman wise beyond his years knows that a temporary, fleeting reputation can be built with a nice car, while a lasting one can be built with one’s actions. The bottom line is even if you set aside all the other great reasons for doing good, such as a sense of charity, compassion, or moral conscience, it is in one’s social best interest to be perceived as a man who values other people, especially those worse off than oneself.

Here at DYG we will be putting the occasional spotlight on charities or movements that we find particularly worthy of recognition, while hopefully spreading awareness about not only the organization itself but the causes it chooses to support. We begin with the organization Not For Sale and the subject of human trafficking. Contrary to popular belief human trafficking is very much a problem in the U.S, and I find that embarrassing. While this sentiment may not be particularly politically correct, I hold my home country to a higher standard. I was brought up to believe that I lived in the greatest country on Earth, an example for the rest of the world to see. So the notion that young boys and girls are being sold as sex slaves right under our noses to me is unacceptable, and the feeling is only made worse when compounded with our overpowering ignorance of the entire issue.

This is where Not For Sale comes in. They’re an organization that has set out with the ambitious goal of ending human trafficking, not just here but around the world. I’ll let them introduce themselves here. Their website is here and you can like them on Facebook here.