A Gentleman’s Fancy: Olivia Munn

Here at Dapper Young Gentlemanwe pride ourselves in always striving for the best in all aspects of life.  So then why shouldn’t it be true that we do the same when it comes to matters of the opposite sex?  Using this logic, we are starting a weekly series called A Gentleman’s Fancy meant to appreciate members of the fairer sex.  As a gentlemen, we need to find an all around beauty; someone with not only looks, but class and brains as well.  In other words, we are looking for the type of girl you can take home to meet your mother.

Our first entry into this series belongs to the lovely Olivia Munn.  Not only does this girl perfectly describe every definition of the word beautiful, she also exudes the always sexy “nerd factor”.  After going to college at the University of Oklahoma, she worked for Fox Sports net as a sideline reporter for college football and women’s basketball (there is nothing hotter than a girl that knows sports). These days you can watch Olivia grace the small screen in the television series The Newsroom.  In the series she portrays an economic journalist on a popular news program.  With her all around good looks, her knowledge of sports, and her ever-present intellect, Olivia Munn is the perfect start to A Gentleman’s Fancy.