The Saddle Shoe

Gents, I present to you the saddle shoe. A current staple of the fashion forward wardrobe, the saddle shoe takes confidence to pull off. They are designed not to blend seamlessly with an outfit but to stand out, to be a statement of their own. Saddle shoes are a casual shoe, a low cut oxford that we do not recommend mixing in to your formal wear unless you have an unusually impressive pair. They do serve to spruce up any casual outfit, dressing up almost anything and endowing their wearer with a certain measure of flair.

The saddle shoe works with complimentary colors: lightsaddleAnd with a single color:band-of-outsiders-5-hole-saddle-shoes-selectism-0


The Wingtip Shoe

mctavish-WING-TIP-SHOESProperly referred to as brogues, the wingtip shoe brings a little classic English haberdashery to your style. Paired with the right pair of pants, a nice pair of wingtips can really make the difference for a gentleman’s look. They help bring an air of sophistication, effectively separating you from the less remarkable gentleman around you. We here at the Dapper Young Gentleman highly recommend you gents add a pair of wingtips to your shoe game, and if you need a place to start we’ve got you.

If money isn’t an issue you can find an incredible pair of To Boot New York Windsor Brogues at Nordstrom here:

If you’re a gent with a budget you can find quality wingtips at Aldo for more affordable prices here:

The next time you walk in to work or the bar or whatever it is you’re doing, do so in style. Do so in a pair of wingtips.

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