The Gentleman’s Sport: Golf

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There is only one sport that combines nearly every aspect of a gentleman’s life; the great outdoors, smoking cigars, drinking, and competition.  While Babe Ruth might argue that case for baseball, we are talking about the game of golf.  There are few things in this world that can be as rewarding and as frustrating as golf.  In this game of inches, one mishap can completely alter your entire round.  Even when your round has gone astray, golf is still the ultimate game for several reasons.

1.        Competition:  In every other sport the end goal is to beat the opponent.  While that might be the same for professional golfers, the goal for most amateurs is to simply beat any previous round they have shot.  This goal is often very attainable and always leads to a feeling of fulfillment.

2.       Self-Improvement: The game of golf is one that can never be perfected.  You might play the best round of your life but there will still be some aspects that you could have done better.

3.       Surroundings:  This is the only sport other than racing where the course changes depending on where you play.  Each course has different obstacles that you have to overcome that are unique to that area.  For example you can play on the side of a mountain like the Little Rock Country Club, or in sandy dunes of East Texas at Pine Dunes Country Club.  Each course plays to strengths and weaknesses of its players.

4.       Class:  In every other sport there is some form of official that is responsible for upholding the rules.  In golf you only have yourself to hold accountable.  You have to be honest about your game because eventually it shows who the real gentlemen of the game are.

5.       Friendship:  Golf is the perfect way to go out and enjoy an afternoon with your friends.  Whether you want to go for friendly competition, or you are just looking for a reason to drink and smoke with your buds, golf is the best way to escape.

These reasons are just a few of many of why you should go out and enjoy this wonderful game.  Once you start playing on your own, you will be able to easily compile a list of your own.  With this, I will leave you with one fun fact.  The reason that a golf course has 18 holes is because there are 18 fingers of scotch in a bottle.  When St. Andrews (old course) was being built, one of the founding members allotted himself one drink per hole.  Therefore, 18 holes equal 18 shots of scotch.  

Horse Racing: Del Mar

Today The Gentleman’s ever expanding search for self cultivation led him down to San Diego and the track in Del Mar to try his hand at horse racing. Sure he lost sixty sheckles but that’s beside the point, a lot was learned about what horses to bet on, why, and how much. The track was pretty and the girls were prettier, the Del Mar track comes highly reccomended. If you haven’t already you need to check out horse racing. Here at the Dapper Young Gentleman we will be covering this and more gentlemanly sporting pursuits for your reading pleasure.