The Wingtip Shoe

mctavish-WING-TIP-SHOESProperly referred to as brogues, the wingtip shoe brings a little classic English haberdashery to your style. Paired with the right pair of pants, a nice pair of wingtips can really make the difference for a gentleman’s look. They help bring an air of sophistication, effectively separating you from the less remarkable gentleman around you. We here at the Dapper Young Gentleman highly recommend you gents add a pair of wingtips to your shoe game, and if you need a place to start we’ve got you.

If money isn’t an issue you can find an incredible pair of To Boot New York Windsor Brogues at Nordstrom here:

If you’re a gent with a budget you can find quality wingtips at Aldo for more affordable prices here:

The next time you walk in to work or the bar or whatever it is you’re doing, do so in style. Do so in a pair of wingtips.

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