5 Summer Colognes Every Young Gentleman Needs

Summer is a wonderful time for men everywhere for several reasons: the outdoors are far more inviting, the women look great in their sundresses, and we as men now have an excuse to drink seemingly everyday (as if we needed one). But summertime isn’t all pounding brews and wake boarding, believe it or not there are negatives as well. One of those negatives is that whatever cologne your wearing is activated by heat, meaning that a cologne that was perfect during the winter is now totally overpowering, instead of attracting the opposite sex all your accomplishing now is making them lightheaded. The answer? A lighter cologne designed for summer, one that may have seemed too weak during the winter but now feels just right, and here at the Dapper Young Gentleman we have five for you to consider.










1. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue $70

The Gentleman happens to personally own two of these fragrances, and this is one of them. Light Blue is light and citrusy, it’s different and absolutely perfect for summer wear. You also get a lot more bang for your buck here, the average cologne you’ll buy at this price will contain about 3.4 oz. of the smell good, where Light Blue is hitting you with with 4.2 oz. This cologne is flexible, you could use it during the day, at the office, on a date, or out at night. Light Blue pops up on almost any list of summer colognes, this one is simultaneously a classic and an essential.














2. Frapin 1270 $155

This one is for the more dedicated or affluent gents among us. 1270 is for a night out, it’s an impress the ladies kind of cologne. It contains hints of honey, orange, and cocoa all mixed together, and while it’s the strongest scent we would recommend for a summer cologne I can personally assure that this stuff smells great.









3. Bvlgari Man $70

This is the other cologne The Gentleman is proud to say he owns, and it has the prototypical level of lightness you need in a summer fragrance. With Bvlgari Man you get a woody summer scent that smells like a modern take on the colognes your dad used to wear. This is a classy fragrance, wear it at the office or at night.












4. Acqua di Parma Eau de Colonia $150

This one comes highly rated from of The Gentleman’s most trusted cologne experts, and while it’s another expensive cologne, this one smells great and has a rich history of being used by gentlemen all the way back to WWI. It smells a mixture of lavender and citrus and can be used at nearly any type of occasion.












5. Polo Sport $60

This one quite a few of you young gents out there should be familiar with, it’s a classic. It smells very fresh and clean as Polo colognes tend to do. This one is affordable, and with it’s light yet long lasting nature, is another essential for any man.