Update: U.S. Open Tennis


Lady’s and Gentleman, the festivities have come to a close and the winners have been crowned.  Rafael Nadal took away the title from Novak Djokavic in 4 sets to accompany Serena Williams as the Singles champions.  I know what you are probably thinking, “Those names sound vaguely familiar.  Who could have ever predicted the winners? It was probably that badass from the DYG website.”  Thats right everyone, The Aristocrat comes through once again in the clutch to take one home for the Dapper Young Gentleman team.  After such a strong showing, Vegas has been constantly calling for me to set odds for future matches.  Luckily for you, I am committed to only offering my services to the readers of this site.  You’re welcome Gentleman of America!


For proof of predictions check out the initial article here.

U.S. Open Tennis

Us Open PicAugust 26 to September 9; the greatest fortnight in American tennis.  Also known as the U.S. open, these next two weeks are sure to provide riveting entertainment.  While tennis might not have as big a following as other mainstream sports, there are still numerous reasons to watch.

  1. 120-130 mph serves- You have to be insane or have a death wish to stand in and try to return a ball coming that fast.
  2. Competitive Women- Tennis is one of the few sports where women are just as good as the men.  If you don’t believe me then look up Billie Jean King vs Bobby Riggs in the highly touted “Battle of the Sexes” match.
  3. International Competition-  Baseball belongs to America, Hockey belongs to Canada, Tennis belongs to… no one.  This years open consists of the top 10 seeds coming from 8 different countries, none of which being America.
  4. Maria Kirilenko-  Easily one of the sexiest women in sports, pair her with Maria Sharapova and you’ve got a match made in heaven

This years U.S. Open features many of the usual greats including Djokavic, Nadal, and Federer.  One thing that is unusual about this years open is how low Federer is seeded.  Federer, who has the most Grand Slam championships in tennis history, is seeded number 7, his lowest since 2002.  On the Women’s side of things, you have a familiar face atop the seedings.  Serena Williams is looking for her 5th Open Championship in 2013.


The Dapper Young Gentleman’s picks:

Men’s Singles- Rafael Nadal

Women’s Singles- Serena Williams